Biblical Gospel Ministries

Biblical Gospel Ministries is an evangelical and reformed group of Christians formed some years ago in order to facilitate the regular preaching of the gospel in the open air at Trafalgar Square in Central London. This blog highlights its work 2007-2009

Trafalgar Square

For more on Trafalgar Square and its management see here.


  • 25. August 08, 2009
  • 24. February 14, 2009
  • 23. August 02, 2008
  • 22. March 29, 2008
  • 21. November 17, 2007
  • 20. February 10, 2007


24th Rally

We were very glad to be able to preach in Trafalgar Square once again on February 14th. The weather was quite cold but not too bad with no wind and a little sun shining through. There were plenty of people in the Square and lots of tracts were given out. More news to follow we hope.


Weather changes

We had hoped to hold a rally in the Square on February 7th but due to the bad weather we were asked to postpone it and we now expect to hold one the following Saturday - February 14th.


23rd Rally

Our latest opportunity to preach was in August. The following report is by BGM chairman Sebastian Mani.
God Commands Everyone Everywhere to Repent
Biblical Gospel Ministries preached the gospel of Christ at Trafalgar Square calling everyone everywhere to repent and turn to God. We thank God for the enabling power of God for the last 12 years to herald the gospel in Central London and to give out tons of Christian literature. As we preached the glorious gospel of Christ the rain was withheld at Trafalgar Square just as the sun stood still whilst Joshua led the army into the battle and the waters of the Red Sea parted when the people of God reached the Red Sea and they passed through the dry land.
It was the 23rd preaching rally held at Trafalgar Square by Biblical Gospel Ministries on Saturday 2nd of August 2008. Hundreds and hundreds of people heard the gospel - visitors, travellers, holiday makers and those who live and work locally.
As we were gossiping the gospel an Indian man pleaded with us to pray for his son who was critically ill at Sheffield General Hospital. “Only God can heal him no one else”, he said. One of our stewards told me that he has given a number Bibles to Korean speaking people from Korea. Another steward told me that two young Germans confessed their sins to God and recommitted their lives to Christ.
We thank God for all the gifts and talents, especially for the financial help small and great from different churches in and around London as well as organisations and individuals without which it would not have been possible to continue the gospel preaching rallies at Trafalgar Square. We always trust in the Lord for his provision and he provides. Also always God directs talented preachers - ministers of the gospel, Christian workers and others - to Trafalgar Square to preach the gospel and gossip the gospel for the glory of God and for the salvation of sinners. We thank God for the active participation of Christians behind the scenes praying for the work as well as those who bring brief gospel exhortations and testimonies in different languages such as Arabic, Spanish, German, Portuguese and so on.
We praise God for the work of the Trinitarian Bible Society and their continuous help at Trafalgar Square with Bibles in different languages and other Christian literature for free distribution. A number of Bibles were given out to people from different parts of the world such as Arabs, Asians, Eastern Europeans, South Americans, British and others.
Please pray with us as we are looking forward to continuing to preach the gospel of Christ, God willing, at Trafalgar Square, till the return of the Lord.